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My name is Jessica Zahnd Bridges. I'm a software engineer, technologist and mom of 2 living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Welcome!

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Evergoods CPL24 Review

Evergoods CPL24 Review

Evergoods has quickly become one of my favorite bag manufactures. Their products are extremely well thought out, durable and comfortable. The Evergoods flagship pack, the CPL24, has proven to be a killer everyday bag.

Bluetooth earbuds for women

Yes, this is a strangely titled posting. However, after trying no less than 5 pairs of bluetooth earbuds, I feel like it's worth sharing my experience. What am I looking for? I want a pair of bluetooth earbuds that: Stay…

Updating rbenv Ruby Versions via Homebrew

This is really just a handy OSX development note. If you are using Homebrew with rbenv and ruby-build, you can update your ruby versions with a simple few simple brew commands: brew update brew upgrade ruby-build Then list the available…

Bettercap (Secure Your Network!)

Take a look at bettercap a, surprisingly feature complete, open source MITM (man in the middle) framework. This project appeared on the trending Ruby repositories over on Github, which I generally keep a pretty close eye on. While I am…