Jessica Zahnd Bridges


My name is Jessica Zahnd Bridges. I'm a software engineer, technologist and mom of 2 living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Welcome!

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Bluetooth earbuds for women

Yes, this is a strangely titled posting. However, after trying no less than 5 pairs of bluetooth earbuds, I feel like it's worth sharing my experience. What am I looking for? I want a pair of bluetooth earbuds that: Stay…

Updating rbenv Ruby Versions via Homebrew

This is really just a handy OSX development note. If you are using Homebrew with rbenv and ruby-build, you can update your ruby versions with a simple few simple brew commands: brew update brew upgrade ruby-build Then list the available…

Bettercap (Secure Your Network!)

Take a look at bettercap a, surprisingly feature complete, open source MITM (man in the middle) framework. This project appeared on the trending Ruby repositories over on Github, which I generally keep a pretty close eye on. While I am…