I’m a software engineer, technologist, leader and general tinkerer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As CTO and Co-founder, I lead a small but mighty team of engineers at  PawnGuru . I am lucky to work with a wonderful team of pragmatic, scrappy and driven coworkers who genuinely care about their impact on the world.

We are a Fintech startup focused on providing trust and value to underbanked consumers and also to providing a modern digital marketplace the pawn industry. We are lucky enough have the freedom to test our ideas while building an industry-first platform for consumers and pawn shops.

More on tinkering…

I’m interested in all sorts of programming languages, new and emerging technologies and anything that can be taken apart. Curiously and knowledge are my driving forces.

In addition, my years of experience in “big data” have left me with a keen interest in data analysis and processing, systems scaling and all of the wonderful problems associated with flinging terabytes of information.

What else?

I’m a mom of 2 amazing daughters and live on a former 1840s farm property complete with the original smokehouse. With everything that needs to be done on the farm, life is never dull.

In addition to life as a mom and wife, I try to embrace the idea of “practical minimalism”. My husband and I only acquire the things we need or love. We try to buy sustainable products and reduce waste where we can and of course we recycle and reuse everything possible.

As if that wasn’t enough, I enjoy hacking on my own projects, practicing martial arts, stomping around the Midwest in search of unique and odd antiques and generally stirring up mayhem where ever I go.

Want to say hi? Send me an email at jessica@jessicazahnd.com .