I’ve been in search of the perfect EDC tech organizer for quite a while. From the Peak Design Tech Pouch to the Side by Side Power Packer, I’ve tried several different products. It comes down to a balance between organization, size, weight, and materials. Finding the right combination has proven challenging for my particular loadout.

Then, I discovered the Bellroy Classic Pouch. It is not the first choice one might have when thinking about a technology organizer. It looks deceptively simple but provides just the right amount of organization in a compact and durable form factor. The materials are outstanding, and the thought that has gone into the design is noticeable.

Look and Feel

Bellroy Classic Pouch

The pouch is very understated and blends in with all but the most tactical bags. The fact that it adapts to so many different looks is a plus for those of us that switch our bags often.  The Classic Pouch follows the shape of a half-moon, and the silhouette is larger at the bottom and tapers up at the top.  This shape helps the pouch fit into many different parts of a bag.

The woven material used to make the Classic Pouch is stellar. It is strong and durable yet feels great in hand. After being pulled out of half a dozen bags hundreds of times, the pouch still looks brand new. The carefully placed leather accents are a tasteful and stylish touch.

Along with being a nice contrast on the pouch, the main zipper is smooth and easy to use.


Bellroy Classic Pouch Access View

One of my favorite features about the pouch is its ability to stand on its own. When fully unzipped, it can stand upright on any flat surface. If I am working somewhere like a coffee shop where I don’t want to have my items spread out everywhere, I can remove them as I need to with a clear view of the contents. It would be nice if the pouch opened just a hair wider, for better visibility but all in all, the access is solid.


The Classic Pouch has proven to be one of the most functional pouches that I own.  The interior pockets consist of a stretchy, tightly woven, mesh fabric that will expand to fit larger items. It is also handy for holding objects gently in place. Something like a travel mouse will stay put and won’t escape floating around loose in the pouch.

The larger internal pocket has a small magnet to help keep it closed, however, its pocket rarely holds its magnetic closure. It could do to be a bit larger capacity or more give in the mesh.

Overall Impressions

Technology loadout with Bellroy Classic Pouch

The Bellroy Classic Pouch is a surprisingly versatile tech organizer pouch for those folks that have a small to medium technical toolset.  The build, access, and functionality are excellent, and the adaptive nature of the look is a definite plus.

The price point on the pouch is a bit high. However, in my opinion, if it is going to be one of your main EDC items, it is worth the cost for the longevity of the product.  Though I will continue to rotate through different pouch options, I suspect I will keep coming pack to the Classic Pouch.